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What does this service cost?

This service has no subscription charges and you only pay the phone charges billed by your phone service provider. You will need to check with your phone line provider for the latest charges for dialling 0844 and 0845 numbers and whether they are included in your current phone package.

What is the difference between 0845 and 0844?

0845 numbers use a different pricing structure and may cost more than 0844.

Are there any hidden charges?

At Connect4Free we are committed to being honest and upfront with our customers, meaning there are absolutely no hidden charges or costs from using our service.

Can I use more than one ISP?

Yes this is perfectly acceptable. If your regular ISP is suffering from connection problems. Connect4Free is the ideal backup solution for your internet access.

Can I keep my current email address?

Yes. At Connect4Free, we do not enforce restrictions on incoming or outgoing mail. This is not the same as many ISPs, as some internet providers may require you to use their internet services in order to access mail from their email server. You may wish to consider using Connect4Free as a mail provider.

Where can the service be used from?

You can get free dial-up internet access from Connect4Free from any telephone line in the United Kingdom. We offer a truly nationwide service, allowing you to get online wherever you are.

Is any special equipment required to use this service?

We don’t burden our customers with the requirement of expensive or complicated equipment to use our dial up. A standard dial-up modem is all that is required. Many existing laptops and desktop PCs will already have one built in as standard.

When is the service available?

Our service is always available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Can I use ISDN with this service?

Yes, this service is fully compatible with ISDN.

What if I have problems?

If you experience any difficulties, we provide free technical support by email, as well as set-up guides for Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also visit our help and support section for additional information and helpful tips to get you online quickly.

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*These prices are correct as of May 2008

Dialup Settings
  • Access Number: 0844 535 2150
  • Username: Connect
  • Password: 4free
  • Mail Server: smtp.connect4free.co.uk
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